Graphic Design Courses in English

Courses Desktop publishing graphic design in English

Art and the city provides private courses in DTP graphic design in English for both beginner as advanced designers. The courses are specifically designed for every level, but we can always customize them to your own speed and personal needs.

  • An Introduction to DTP graphic design

For beginner designers we offer an Introduction to DTP graphic design. The lessons provide an ideal introduction for everyone who wants to design in print materials and liaising with printers, or for those who want to learn more about DTP and the whole print process.

This introduction course offers you an in-depth introduction to Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. During the course you will get a thorough understanding in all the aspects of the print publishing process. We will show you how to design and lay out all manner of print materials including brochures, newsletters, manuals, books and more. We will teach you how to use all the main Adobe Desktop Publishing Applications, combining image creation and editing with text to design the print material. During the course you will be given expert help and tips on the whole print process from how to develop initial ideas, to best layout practice to sourcing and liaising with a printer, deciding on the paper and checking proofs and on-press details.

Entry Requirements: You should be able to use a computer efficiently.

The following computer skills are absolutely necessary: general computer practice, like being familiar with ‘copy and paste’ being and able to identify and name the main keyboard keys; general practice of opening, saving and locating files.
Please contact us if you are unsure about your computer skills.

DTP graphic design Advance  

For more advanced designers we offer the course DTP graphic design Advance. With the advanced course you will gain your skills and graphic design competencies in Adobe software furthermore. This course provides you with the skills required for effective work practices in the DTP sector and will bring you up to industry level standards in the area of graphics and design. We will focus on the development of your own designs and your Portfolio, so you can increase your opportunities for a job in the DTP sector.

Entry Requirements: You should be familiar with the all the main Adobe Desktop Publishing Applications in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. You have worked with the programs before or you have completed our DTP graphic design introduction course.

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Dates to start your course (either 4 or 12 weeks):

  • The Hague, Thursday August 31st (dPSD-e)
  • The Hague, Thursday November 30st (dPSD-e)
  • The Hague, Thursday November 2nd (dIND-e)
  • The Hague, Thursday January 2018 (dIND-e)
  • The Hague, Thursday September 28th (dILL-e)
  • The Hague, Thursday February 2018 (dILL-e)