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DTP Graphic Design Course | Advanced | Private Lessons/3 months

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In this advanced course DTP Graphic Design you will learn the advanced skills and techniques of designing with Adobe Photoshop, Ilustrator and InDesign. From 3D to interactive and animated objects. All skills required by a graphic designed to operate fully independent. This course takes 3 months (12 lessons of 2 hours each). During this course you will learn how to work independently. You already know how the Adobe programs work, are able to find the various options quickly and know quite a few shortcuts.


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DTP Graphic Design Course Advanced

This course consists of 3 modules.

During this course we will be working on some big assignments with the three main Adobe programs. We therefore advice you to reserve enough time besides the lessons to make the assignments in the syllabus. You – preferably – will be working with your own material. So if you are about to design a style or logo for your own company or the company you work for, there will be plenty opportunity.



Our advanced Photoshop connects seamlessly to the beginners’ course. In these lessons we will be working on a number of bigger assignments. We will be analysing images of some top image editors and will create our own versions with the same techniques. You’ll learn to work with advanced filters and mask and make complex collages. We expect you to already know shortcuts etc., and work with your own images as much as possible


Our advanced module Adobe InDesign CC is suitable for everyone who wants to learn how to make professional and complex designs and grids for bigger publications. You’ll learn how to work independently. There are of course a great number of assignments we will be working on but also finding certain tools and techniques effortlessly is important. Furthermore making templates, automating the lay out process, making documents print-ready etc. will come along.


Adobe Illustrator is the program for making beautiful infographics, drawings or symbols.The advanced usage of this program has expanded widely the last couple or years due to which it’s easy place a visual of a street or park in perspective, for example. In this course you will learn how to make beautiful visual outings and presentations quickly.

W​h​at ​do you need?

  • Adobe software, versi​on CS6 of CC
  • ​ Your own laptop (see guidelines), Apple or Windows
  • ​ Students are expected to have either followed the basic courses with us or have required knowledge of the program equal to the basic level elsewhere.


After you’ve finished, you can apply for a certificate of participation.


DTP Graphic Design Course | Advanced | Private Lessons/3 months

DTP Graphic Design Course Advanced in the Netherlands