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Photoshop Course | Advanced | private lessons

 599,00 ex btw

In this Advanced Photoshop course you’ll learn how to edit and create images with masks which can be used to achieve various effects. One time it will be used to retouch a face or body, another time to freeze one part of a picture, while the other part is in motion. You’ll learn to work with advanced filters and moving pictures, and much more.

This course consists of 4 lessons of 2 hours each.


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What will you learn during this Advanced Photoshop Course?

  • Masks, filters & HDR toning
  • Glamour retouch
  • Using ​3D
  • Autom​a​tion of action
  • ​Making Parallax ​pictures
  • Making a Cinemagraph
  • Making ​Animati​ons

Wh​at ​do you need

  • Adobe software, versi​on CS6 or CC
  • guidelines), Apple or Windows
  • Students are expected to have either followed the basic courses with us or have required knowledge of the program equal to the basic level elsewhere


After you’ve finished, you can apply for a certificate of participation.

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Photoshop Course

Photoshop Course in English in Holland