Illustrator Course in English | Advanced | Group | 4 classes

 345,00 ex btw

With the Advanced Illustrator Course by Art and the City, you will learn how to draw and use the shapes and possibilities the program offers you to create graphic art, icons or logo’s. Illustrator uses vector images which offers great freedom to create large posters or files. An ideal program to make appealing graphics for print or web.


Do you want to receive a certificate or diploma?

About twice a Year we offer the possibilty to do an exam in order to get a diploma. Once you’ve followed the basic and advanced courses. A certificate is handed out after each completed single module.

Like to rent a laptop?

Do not have your own laptop?
Check out the possibilties of renting a laptop during classes.

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What will you learn in this course?

The Advanced Illustrator course focusses on the more complex technics Illustrator has to offer, such as:

  • Working with text
  • Symbols and the symbol library
  • Making your own symbols and brushes
  • Masks
  • Mirroring shapes
  • Splicing and combining paths
  • Cutting and editing paths
  • Mesh tool
  • 3D from text and symbols
  • Drawing in perspective
  • Symbol-spray

What do you need for the advanced illustrator course?

  • Adobe software. When you’re a student at Art and the City, you can get the Adobe programmes at a very reduced offer!
  • Your own laptop (see guidelines), Apple or Windows
  • Students are expected to have either followed the basic courses with us or have required knowledge of the program equal to the basic level elsewhere.

After you’ve finished, you can apply for a certificate of participation.

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illustrator course in English in The Hague, The Netherlands
illustrator course in English in The Hague, The Netherlands