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The graphic design courses from Art and the City offer an in-depth introduction to the three most important Adobe programs: Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. In three months you’ll learn all the basic skills you need to get started as a professional graphic designer. During the course you will get a thorough understanding of all the aspects of the print publishing process. The courses are given in English in our digital classroom. There’s more than enough time to ask questions to the teacher and evaluate your designs, which makes this a very interactive and inspiring course. If you need more information, please email to

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More dates for 2021 will follow soon! Can’t wait? Contact us!

Graphic Design Course – Beginners 

Lessons on Thursdays at 19h

Start: 4th of February

Graphic Design Course – Advanced

Lessons on Wednesdays at 13h

Start: 10th of March

Infographics Course – Advanced 

Lessons on Wednesday at 13h

Start: 3d of February

The Photoshop Course will of course teach you everything about Adobe Photoshop, but there’s also information about lay-out, composition, colours, etc. This means you will know how to perfect every picture in no time!

With the Adobe Illustrator course by Art and the City, you will learn how to draw and use the shapes and possibilities the program offers you, in order to create graphic art, icons or logo’s. Illustrator uses vector images.

The Adobe application InDesign is used to lay out magazines, books and brochures. During our introduction course you learn how colour and space affect one another, how typography works and how text interacts with images.

Experience has shown us that there are many advantages to following graphic design courses in a digital classroom.
  • You can watch the screen of your teacher alongside the fellow students.

  • Is there a misunderstanding or do you have a design question? Ask right away and the teacher can look at your screen through Zoom.

  • Did you miss something completely? You receive a recording of the lesson. This way you can check everything at your own leisure.

  • Of course you will also be provided with an extensive syllabus with exercise material and inspiring assignments.

  • Did you halfway realise Zoom is not for you? Give us a call and we’ll try to figure something out. Our top priority is to satisfy all our students!
cursus Photoshop van Art and the City
cursus Indesign van Art and the City
cursus illustrator van Art and the City

Our graphic design courses can also be followed privately. Please email to to discuss your level and receive a quotation.

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